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Top Ops




The CNYWWC is bringing the informative and exciting TOP OPS competition, conducted at both the National and NY Section AWWA levels, back to our Fall workshop! We are seeking a minimum of three (3) teams of operators to participate in this event.


What is TOP OPS?

During a TOP OPS competition, teams of one (1), two (2), or three (3) water operators will compete against each other in a fast paced question and answer tournament. A moderator will pose a broad range of technical questions. Points will be awarded to the team that first answers the questions correctly. The team with the highest score at the end of the allotted time is the winner!!


Team members MUST:

 be employed full time as a water treatment plant employee, a water distribution system employee, or in a first-line supervisory capacity;

 possess a valid operator, laboratory or distribution certification;

 team members or their utility must be a member of AWWA;

team members do not need to be employed by the same utility.


Questions for the contest will be provided by the New York State Section AWWA (NYSAWWA) and may encompass:


1. Basic sciences as they apply to water technology;

2. Public health and sanitary practices;

3. O&M plant and pump maintenance (e.g. chemical feeders);

4. Plant and laboratory safety;

5. Process control during both normal and abnormal conditions;

6. Operator laboratory operations;

7. Monitoring requirements;

8. Water Distribution;

Water Hydrology.


Contest winners will receive a $75 first prize, $50 second prize, and $25 third prize. First prize winners are eligible to represent the CNYWWC at the New York Section Annual Meeting to be held in April in Saratoga Springs where they will compete for a chance to represent NYSAWWA in the National TOP OPS competition to be held in Washington, D.C.


To register a team or obtain more information, please contact:


Shawn M. Rush, P.E.

Onondaga County Health Department



Note: NYS DOH will provide certification credits to operators attending this event.


For complete AWWA TOP OPS contest rules and regulations please see:

Top Ops Web Page